Discover your path of least resistance

Welcome to Wealth Dynamics, Roger Hamiltonís unique system for understanding your personal profile and how to leverage it to realize your full potential.

Proven wealth acceleration through practical insights and action
Wealth Dynamics has been specifically designed for pragmatic action. It enables individuals and teams to find their optimum path and maximize their ability to create and contribute, both in business and by making a difference through social contribution.

Wealth Dynamics has been in use now for five years, and it's the only profiling system designed specifically for entrepreneurs. Over 100,000 people have taken the Wealth Dynamics profile test and gained the insights needed to accelerate their wealth creation.

What you are doing now is not necessarily the same as who you are
Chances are, you have been offered a variety of advice in the past on wealth creation. Perhaps you've taken part in training and education for business skills, stock market dealing or property investing. How well this advice and training has worked for you, however, will depend greatly on understanding and playing the game that is best suited to your talents, passions and who you are.

Learning and earning is actually a game. But it's only when we understand the specific game that matches who we are, and then play our game according to its rules, that we can maximize the success of what we do.

Decoding the rules of the game
Wealth Dynamics takes the entire world of confusing, contradictory and convoluted information on wealth creation and puts it into a coherent and comprehensive system. Wealth Dynamics reveals the optimum game each of us should play and decodes the rules for playing most effectively to create our wealth.

It gives each of us clarity on our path of least resistance to wealth creation: what our strategy should be, who we need in our team, how we should apply ourselves, when we should take action and - more importantly - when we should not.

It is a journey into the universal flow of wealth that we are all a part of, and leads towards fresh insight into the true meaning of 'entrepreneurial spirit'.